Can I purchase your Art Dolls?

Yes, you can order yours on my Etsy shop.

My monster has arrive with messy hair, how can I comb it?

The monsters spend many hours inside the box and it is normal that they arrive with messy hair so you can brush his hair with any plastic or wooden comb. If you want, you can watch this video: How to comb your monster

When is you next update?

I have no dates, or particular days.

You can follow me on Instagram or you can add my Etsy shop to your favorites shop to stay tuned

What does it mean “pre-order”?

A pre-order is a product that is made on request. This means that when you buy one of these creatures you will not be sent instantly. I’ll have to create it in the days after you purchase. (please read the time it takes will be in each ad)

Do you accept commissions or custom orders?

No, at this time. Sorry.

How can I pay you?

My Etsy shop accepts almost every kind of payments and cards

Do you ship worldwide? How much it cost?

Yes, I do!

The estimated times for each zone and prices are:

Price: from 5 €
Estimated time of arrival: Between 7 and 10 working days.

Canada – USA:
Shipping Cost: from 6 €
Estimated time of arrival: Between 15-30 working days.

Latin America:
Shipping Cost: from 6 €
Estimated time of arrival: They usually arrive within a maximum period of one month. Although it can take to 2 months, because of the due and their extensive controls.

*Beware: If you have purchased a creature in stock, it will ship in 5 business days, however if you purchased is one in pre-order, it may take up to 30 extra business days to arrive.

Can I return my purchase?

You can’t, sorry. I do not accept returns without any justifiable cause.

Each creation is carefully reviewed before being sent. I can not be held responsible for any damage that a package may suffer during transportation.

In a highly improbable case, I will only be held responsible for a loss in transit.
In that case you will be refunded the relevant amount you paid for the piece (shipping money will not be refunded,sorry)